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Vince Justiniano

Vince is the editor at TechGenuinely. A life-long writer, technology hobbyist, and tinkerer, he started his journey with retro gaming emulation during his grade school years, as well as with follow-along DIY television programs.

Over the years, he has honed his skills and proficiency in the English language after reading a lot of fiction and non-fiction books, combined with narrative worldbuilding and writing.

Vince has always found joy in helping others: whether it’s proofreading a classmate’s paper, a friend’s email to his boss, or helping out a family member’s tech woes with their smartphone or gadget. So, it’s only natural he gravitated toward a position where he could provide the best help to as many readers as possible.

He also possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, with exposure in scriptwriting, in addition to a rich background in video production and photography, as well as handling livestreamed events with a few thousand concurrent viewers. He also has a few years of corporate video production experience.

Nowadays, in his spare time, he experiments with portable illumination, AKA flashlights, and other lighting devices used both for fun and to control the all-important lighting for photo and video shoots. He also plays guitar and tries to improve his sound recording techniques, although he still considers himself a novice in making music.

He also enjoys reading post-apocalyptic fiction, as well as practicing speed typing on his mechanical keyboards, for which he has crafted some custom-made resin keycaps.

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