Arlo Go vs Arlo Go 2 (Key Similarities & Differences)

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Arlo Go, and Arlo Go 2 are two very similar yet significantly different security cameras that are often compared. 

If you want to purchase any of these cameras, you’d like to properly compare both before deciding. This article provides a proper comparative review of the Arlo Go and the Arlo Go 2 to help you make a more educated choice.

arlo go vs arlo go 2


The Arlo Go (or Arlo Go 1) and the Go 2 are the only two cameras in the Arlo Go Security Camera line-up with similar designs and capabilities. 

The Arlo Go was the first camera in the lineup, while the Arlo Go 2 is an upgraded version of the Go

Designed as a form of portable security camera, hence the name “Go”, both are wireless security cameras meant to be used on the go.

Key Similarities

The Go and the Go 2 being practically siblings means they share quite a few similarities. Below are the key ones:

1. Design

The Arlo Go and the Arlo Go 2 are very similarly designed products.

Both are mobile-friendly wireless devices that can fit in your hand and support various use cases. You could mount these cameras using their provided mount or place them on any flat surface. 

Both also have their cameras peeking from the top half of the device instead of at the center like most other cameras. 

2. Night Vision

Both devices are mobile security cameras with various use cases that would include darkness; both cameras have night vision.

3. Internal Battery

With both cameras designed to be mobile-friendly, both the Arlo Go and the Go 2 have removable internal batteries powering them. These batteries are rechargeable, and both cameras can be used while being charged. 

4. Sim Card Support

Both cameras support SIM cards, an excellent option for mobile cameras, which would often be used in outdoor situations like camping and hiking and other areas where Wi-Fi might not be available.

5. Micro SD Support

Both cameras have dedicated SD card slots serving local data storage.

They also support cloud storage.

6. LED

Both cameras feature LED lights that indicate when the camera is on, connected, charging, streaming, or when there is some error.

7. Arlo App Support

Both cameras support the Arlo App, allowing you to monitor and control your camera with your mobile device, wherever you may be. 

Key Differences

Despite the many similarities between these two cameras, however, there are a few differences that set the two apart. Most of these differences are new features included in Go 2. Below are the major ones to consider:

1. Design

While the two are similar in design, there are still a few noticeable differences.

The Go 2 is a much more streamlined device than the Go. The Go is a little bulky, but the Go 2 is thinner with a more curved design, although it is a little longer.

2. Wi-Fi Support

While the Arlo Go comes with only LTE support (uses a SIM card), the Arlo Go 2 comes with both LTE and Wi-Fi support

With the Go 2, you can switch to Wi-Fi whenever a Wi-Fi connection is nearby. With the Go, however, you are stuck with just your SIM card.

3. 1080 Video Resolution

While the Arlo Go was restricted to shooting in 720p, the Go 2 can record in 1080p, which means more explicit videos.

4. 2-Way Audio

The Arlo Go 2 is capable of two-way audio. This means you can not only hear the audio being recorded by the camera, but you can also speak to whoever is on the other side through the camera

The Arlo Go, often called Arlo Wire-Free, on the other hand, can not.

5. Spotlight and Siren

The Arlo Go 2 has a spotlight and a siren, which the Go doesn’t have. 

The spotlight on this camera is not necessarily to help with its visibility (since it can shoot night vision) but probably to deter intruders. 

6. Colour Night Vision

While both devices have night vision, the Go 2 is capable of colored night vision, while the Go is not.

7. GPS Camera Location

The Go 2 has an advanced feature that tracks your Go 2 camera with GPS. The Arlo Go, however, has no such feature.

Which of the Two is Ideal For You

The Go and the Go 2 are similar devices with practically the same functionality. The only differences between the devices worth mentioning are simply the new features the Arlo Go 2 has, which the Go doesn’t.

Considering all of this, it is safe to say that the ideal device among the two is the Arlo Go 2. Being able to do everything the Go can and then do a lot that its predecessor can’t, the Go 2 is a much better choice than the Arlo Go 1.

Arlo Go 2

The Go is a significantly cheaper device if you buy a used one, and it would be a good choice for anyone looking for a tremendous mobile-friendly security camera with a lower budget.

Our Take: Arlo Go 1 vs. 2

The Arlo Go 1 and the Arlo Go 2 are great mobile security cameras. Both ingeniously designed for use on the go, the cameras feature a mobile-friendly design that makes them great for all outdoor use. 

The Arlo Go 2 would always be the best option since the camera offers everything the Go 1 does and more.

However, if you want something more affordable, going for the Go 1 is your choice. You can find a used one on the classified site.

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