3 Best Micro SD Card for Eufy Doorbell (Popular Models)

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When searching for the right SD card for your Eufy Doorbell, you need models:

  • that have large storage capabilities,
  • that are durable,
  • and that support multiple file formats.

So I hand-picked the three best options for you! Here they are.

best micro sd card for eufy doorbell

What is the Best Micro SD Card for Eufy Doorbell?

1. SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro

A high-performance microSD with large storage facilities 

SanDisk’s reputation for producing high-performance storage devices is reflected perfectly by the SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro MicroSD. Capable of storing up to 128GB of data, this little device fully supports 4k video content and is one of the fastest-performing SD cards available today for use on any platform. 

Overall Rating: 9/10 

Key Features 

  • Able to hold up to 128GB of data across multiple formats. Can process 4k video, UHD images, and more.
  • Fast processing speeds anywhere between 140-200 MB/ms and can do this whilst recording live footage. 
  • It can be used across multiple platforms, including smart doorbells, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


  • Perfectly capable of storing 4K video with room to store weeks of footage at any given time. Also capable of supporting UHD imagery too from still shots.
  • Suited to work in any environment. It can perform perfectly, whether left out in the elements or exposed to extreme cold or heat.
  • Fast processing times mean it can read and process live images faster than other microSD cards on the market.


  • Large files may take time to transfer across Android devices. 
  • It can be difficult to remove from some card ports in some devices. 

2. SAMSUNG EVO Select Micro 128GB

The most durable MicroSD Card on the market today 

Nothing will get the best of the Samsung Evo Select Micro 128GB. This is the perfect microSD card to be placed on your Eufy Doorbell if it is in an exposed location.

With an IPX7 rating, this means that the EVO is waterproof up to 200m as well as being protected from heat, cold weather, and the wind. Add in some fast processing speeds and easy usage features, and you have one of the best microSD cards around. 

Overall Rating: 8/10 

Key Features 

  • IPX7 rating certifying that has been tested to withstand all of the combinations that mother nature can throw at it. 
  • Generous 128GB storage, which supports 4k video as well as high-quality still images
  • Fast writing speeds being able to process data up to 90MB/s 


  • Extremely durable and comes with IPX7 waterproof rating and ID54 shockproof certifications within tests. 
  • Easy to access and transfer across multiple SD card adapters
  • Fast processing speeds, which can record and write data at a rate of 90MB/s 


  • Performance figures can be inconsistent 

3. Gigastone 4K Camera Pro 64GB

The best for capturing high-detail video

As the name suggests, Gigastone’s 4K Camera Pro 64GB SD card is great for capturing hi-res footage for any device. Capable of capturing rich 4k footage, this microSD card is perfectly designed to capture video without any compromise.

Capable of running at high processing speeds and protected against the elements, this is a great microSD suited for capturing raw, live footage. 

Overall Rating: 7/10 

Key Features 

  • Capable of recording 4K footage without compromising on any details 
  • Extremely fast processing speeds between 130-160MB/s 
  • Designed to be resistant to heat, cold, and wind 


  • High-performance SD card which can record writing speeds between 130-160MB/s no matter what type of media it is supporting 
  • Low load times and can support multiple file types, including UHD video and images, as well as full video logs 
  • Protected against multiple environmental factors being UV and X-ray proof as well as being cold, heat, and water resistant 


  • Small storage space offering just 64GB 
  • Has issues when used with custom software platforms 


Where does the SD Card go in a Eufy Doorbell?

The best place to slot the microSD card in a Eufy Doorbell is within the side of the doorbell chime. It is not only protected from the elements but also kept away from anyone looking to steal the device. 

What Size should Micro SD card be used for my Eufy Doorbell? 

Eufy Doorbells support microSD cards that can store anywhere between 16GB-128GB. It is best to use 128GB microSD where possible as it can hold a larger volume of files as well as it is easier to process high-detailed file formats such as 4k video. 


In the end, there is a range of excellent microSD cards to use with your Eufy Doorbell.

  • The Samsung EVO Select, are extremely durable, meaning they won’t be affected by poor weather.
  • Meanwhile, the Gigastone 4K Camera Pro is one of the fastest-processing microSD cards around today.
  • However, the SanDisk Extreme Pro combines fast writing speeds and large data volumes allowing it to be classed as the best microSD card for Eufy Doorbells today. 


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