3 Best Solar Panel for Wyze Outdoor Camera

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One of the most popular functions of the Wyze Outdoor Camera is the ability to connect the device to a solar panel. This ensures that, assuming you live in an area that gets adequate sunlight, you can save on power costs by having your device powered naturally!

One of the Wyze Outdoor Camera’s most popular functions is its ability to connect to a solar panel. Assuming you live in an area with adequate sunlight, you can save on power costs by having your device powered naturally!

As the world becomes increasingly eco-friendly, several solar panel products have hit the market, making it somewhat daunting to find the best mix of price and functionality when selecting a solar panel.
Don’t panic; we have got you covered. We have identified the three best options for solar panels to connect to your Wyze Outdoor Camera.
Read on to learn why these three cut!

Solar Panel Camera

What is the Best Solar Panel for Wyze Outdoor Camera?

1. Wyze Solar Panel

Wyze Solar Panel

Description: This is the obvious choice if you like to keep all the products in your suite under one brand umbrella. Pairing your Wyze Outdoor Camera with Wyze’s own Solar Panel product just makes too much sense! You will have no concerns about compatibility or installation here, as the devices were made to be together!

Our Rating: 5/5 Stars

Best For: The no-fuss, hassle-free installers!

Our Award: Our First Choice, the MVP of Wyze-friendly Solar Panels!

Key Features:

  • Brand Compatibility and Consistency with Wyze
  • 360 Degree Mount to Maximize Sun Exposure
  • IP65 Weather Resistance
  • Long Range Power Cable


  • Easy installation and compatibility are guaranteed thanks to Wyze producing both the solar panel and camera
  • It is more straightforward to troubleshoot and lean on Wyze support, given they manufacture both devices
  • Flexible panel mount allows you to point your panel toward the sunniest spot on your property
  • Reasonably priced


  • Weather resistant, but not waterproof. Could, therefore, be damaged if exposed to consistent downpouring rain
  • Designed to work with just the Wyze Outdoor Camera and Wyze Battery Cam Pro, it will suffer limited compatibility beyond these devices.
  • Not the most budget-friendly option on the market
  • Lack of color option, only available in white

2. Wasserstein Solar Panel

Wasserestein solar panel

Description: Venturing away from Wyze manufacturing, we have the Wasserstein device, marketed around its Wyze compatibility. Offering a different option while promising the same results, this product cannot be overlooked. The features of the previous device are several similarities, but as a consumer, more options are only ever a good thing!

Our Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Best For: Design Conscious Consumers

Our Award: Something Different!

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with Wyze devices
  • Weatherproof
  • 360-degree wall mount
  • Extra long cable
  • Efficient solar charging


  • Marketed to work out of the box with the Wyze Outdoor Camera, Wyze Outdoor Camera V2, and Wyze Battery Cam Pro
  • Unlike the Wyze alternative, this device is weatherproof (as opposed to resistant), giving you better results and protecting your device in harsher environments.
  • It boasts powerful charging capabilities, requiring only a few hours of sunlight daily to keep your camera charged.
  • Competitively priced against the Wyze option.
  • Available in black as well as white, compared to just the white option for the Wyze


  • It may be more difficult to troubleshoot with Wyze as they do not directly support the solar panel.
  • There is little price difference between this device and the Wyze option, potentially forcing buyers to ‘keep it simple’ and stick to one brand.

3. StartVision Solar Panel

Startvision Solar Panel

Description: Diversifying itself primarily around the price, the StartVision Solar Panel is the most budget-friendly option of the three we are exploring today. StartVision is a Chinese manufacturer, which is worth noting for those wary of particular production qualities. Still, if you purchase through a reputable retailer such as Amazon or Newegg, you will have no issues organizing a replacement if necessary. 

Our Rating: 4/5 Stars

Best For: Budget Conscious Consumers

Our Award: Starter Option

Key Features:

  • 360 Design mount enabling you to point towards the best source of solar
  • IP65 Weather Resistance
  • Compatible with most devices that have a micro USB port
  • 10-foot-long cable to assist you with setup convenience


  • A more affordable option than the previous two discussed
  • Similar features as far as the 360-degree rotatable mount and the water resistance level
  • Will work with several Wyze products


  • There is no cord management system at the back of the device for excess cord length
  • Some users have reported that the USB socket is too loose at times, causing the cable to fall out
  • Not as compatible with Wyze products as the Wyze-manufactured device

FAQ Solar Panel for Wyze Outdoor Camera

How do you power a Wyze camera outside?

Outdoor Wyze cameras have the benefit of being rechargeable, and Wyze boasts an impressive charge time of up to 6 months. Still, you want peace of mind in ensuring your device is regularly close to the entire battery so you don’t risk camera downtime at a critical moment. Nothing would be worse than having no footage during a break-in or other issues due to a poor power supply.

One option is to hard wire a charger permanently into your device, which can often be inefficient from a cost perspective.

A more popular solution is to set up a solar panel and cable it to your device, ensuring it can charge during the day and never risk running low on battery. Check out our comparisons of the three best options for this above!

Can I replace the battery in a Wyze outdoor camera?

The Wyze Outdoor Camera does not have replaceable batteries. The lithium batteries are designed to have a long life, allowing you to deplete and recharge them hundreds of times. Given the promised long life span, if you are experiencing battery issues sooner than expected, you should check your retailer’s warranty period and replacement conditions.

Can you run a Wyze camera off a solar panel?

Absolutely. The Wyze Outdoor Camera has an extremely long battery life, so it doesn’t need much power to keep the battery charged. Connecting a solar panel to your device will ensure you don’t risk a low battery level, and your camera will never be out of action!


Adding a solar panel to your Wyze Outdoor Camera setup is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure your area is always protected. Home security is something you want to have but not need, rather than need and not have, so ensuring continuous uptime for your outdoor devices is critical. Thanks to the long life of the rechargeable batteries in these devices, using a solar panel is an easy way to ensure this uptime. The three products discussed above give consumers the best choices and options for achieving this goal!

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