Wyze vs. Eufy Floodlight Camera: Which Is Best For You?

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Choosing the best security camera for your home can be quite challenging. 

However, regarding home security, Wyze and Eufy are two camera brands that stand out. 

But which one of these intelligent floodlight cameras is best for you? 

In this article, we’ll explore the nitty-gritty of these two brands’ floodlight cameras to help you decide which one to opt for based on your needs. 

So, let’s get right into it!

Wyze vs eufy flodlight

Wyze Floodlight Camera At a Glance

The Wyze Floodlight Cameras are easy-to-use outdoor security cameras with powerful lighting. 

They suit people looking for quality and affordable home security (The Floodlight v2 costs just $83.99).

It comes with three PIR sensors that cover a wide area and can be customized individually, allowing you to control when and how it detects motion. 

Not only does it alert you to movement, but it also records clear HD video with its award-winning Wyze Cam v3. 

The camera is smart enough to know when it’s dark and automatically turns on its lights, making manual adjustments a thing of the past.

You can even add another Wyze Cam v3 for broader coverage, which is quite an unusual but welcome feature that vastly increases the flexibility of your setup. 

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, it’s resistant to dust, rain, and snow. 

Its powerful lights and loud alarm deter intruders, and you can conveniently manage everything from your phone. 

It supports Cam Plus for enhanced features, offering advanced AI detection capabilities for extended periods, as well as cloud storage.

Eufy Floodlight Camera At a Glance

The Eufy floodlight cameras are a bit more expensive than the Wyze floodlight cams, but for good reason. 

These cameras seamlessly integrate powerful lights with intelligent surveillance. 

They give you real-time monitoring, motion detection, and high-definition recording, making them great for scaring off intruders and giving you peace of mind. 

With clear 2K video, a weatherproof design, and a wide-angle lens covering a broad view, these cameras work day and night to keep you safe. 

Using the two-way audio feature, you can even talk to visitors or warn intruders. 

Eufy stands out because of its onboard AI for human detection, which doesn’t require a cloud subscription. 

These cameras focus on your security and privacy, using cutting-edge tech to protect your home. 

Wyze vs. Eufy

Here is an updated list of both cameras’ key features and functions.

Wyze Floodlight Cam

Wyze Cam Floodlight v1

The Wyze Cam Floodlight is a great, budget-friendly option for a security camera with a built-in floodlight. It costs under $100. 

It cleverly combines the well-known and feature-rich Wyze Cam v3 with a bright LED floodlight, giving you both a quality camera and a powerful light in one. 

Setting it up might be tricky or have some minor issues, but these aren’t big problems, and it just means you might need to put in a little extra effort to install it. 

To get the most out of the Wyze Cam Floodlight, you’ll need to subscribe to the Wyze Cam Plus service, which might mean an extra cost, but it improves the camera’s functionality. 

Even with the need for a subscription and some setup effort, the Wyze Cam Floodlight is seen as a good deal. It’s desirable if you’re looking at your budget, as it offers much value for its price. 

Price: $93.99


  • Color: White
  • Video Quality: Good (1080p HD)
  • Viewing Area: 130 degrees wide
  • Lights: 2 bright lights (2600 lumens)
  • Special Features: If you get the Cam Plus plan, it can spot people, pets, cars, and packages. It connects to Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) and doesn’t have extra light sensing or motion warnings.

Wyze Cam Floodlight v2

The new Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 is a significant upgrade from the original. This hardwired floodlight now has a better 2K camera than the older 1080p one. 

The lights are brighter, too, giving off 2,800 lumens. 

It also covers a broader area with a 160-degree view. It has a new “ambient” light mode that keeps a low glow all the time and brightens up when it senses motion, which is helpful if you want some ambient lighting at night. 

Configuring the Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 is simpler due to a new Wi-Fi setup process that doesn’t require QR code scanning. 

Also, the camera maintains its sturdy build, ensuring it’s well-protected from dust and intense rain with an IP65 rating. 

Although the option to expand coverage by adding a second Wyze Cam v3, as seen in the previous version, is unavailable with the new model, it remains a reliable choice for adequate home security.

Price: $53.99


  • Color: Comes in White and Black
  • Video Quality: Better (2K)
  • Viewing Area: Wider (160 degrees)
  • Lights: 2 brighter lights (2800 lumens)
  • Special Features: Like v1, it can also sense light changes and gives motion warnings with Cam Plus. Connects to Wi-Fi (2.4GHz).

Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro

The Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro is undoubtedly a significant upgrade from its budget-friendly predecessor. 

It boasts a better camera with 2.5K recording and three bright LED floodlights producing up to 3,000 lumens. 

With a user-friendly interface like other Wyze cameras and an easy setup similar to competitors like Blink Floodlight Camera, the Floodlight Pro excels in resolution, bright lighting, and loaded features (as seen below). 

Although it may have some distortion in the 180-degree view and might not look so lovely (barrel distortion), the Floodlight Pro perhaps gives the best value for its price compared to its competitors, eliminating the need for a second camera.

Price: $149.99


  • Color: Available in White and Black
  • Video Quality: Best (2.5K QHD)
  • Viewing Area: Widest (180 degrees)
  • Lights: 3 super bright lights (3000 lumens)
  • Special Features: Has all the Floodlightl v2 features plus better people, pets, cars, and package spotting with quicker detection (needs Cam Plus). Connects to both types of Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz).

Each version of the Wyze Cam Floodlights is an upgrade from the last one, with better video, wider viewing, and more lights. 

Although the onboard AI computer vision processor can detect motion from selected objects like people and cars, the Cam Plus plan adds faster and more accurate Wyze AI detection, confirming if detected objects are people or vehicles. 

These cameras are great for keeping your home safe without breaking the bank.

Eufy Floodlight Cam

Eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330

The Eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330 is a top-notch outdoor security camera that provides a complete view without blind spots, thanks to its 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage. 

With 2K Full HD resolution, it ensures clear live-streaming and recording. 

Some key features include intelligent lighting adjustments with 3 Tunable Light Panels, precise recognition with AI Subject Lock and Tracking, and powerful 3,000-lumen motion-activated floodlights for detailed night recordings. 

However, it’s a bit expensive and lacks support for HomeKit. It also only supports motion event recordings, not 24/7 recordings.

Despite this, the Eufy Security Floodlight Cam S330 is perhaps one of the best for its easy setup and advanced features among high-end outdoor security cameras.

Price: $299.99


  • 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage
  • 2K Full HD Resolution
  • 3 Tunable Light Panels for Smart Lighting Adjustments
  • AI Subject Lock and Tracking
  • 3,000-lumen Super-Bright Motion-Activated Floodlights
  • Color Night Vision
  • Cloud and Local Video Storage Options

Eufy Security Floodlight Cam E340

The Eufy Security Floodlight Cam E340 has two powerful lenses—a 3K wide-angle lens for a broad view and a 2K telephoto lens with 3× zoom for detailed images. 

It offers complete surveillance with a 360° pan, continuous 24/7 recording, and dual cameras supporting up to 8× digital zoom. Also, its Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 ensures fast and reliable connectivity. 

The camera has a bright 2,000-lumen light that can be customized and supports storage of up to 128GB via microSD or up to 16TB when connected to HomeBase S380.

Price: $219.99


  • 360° Camera Coverage
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Double Cameras, Double Possibilities
  • Fast and Stable Connectivity
  • 2,000-Lumen Peak Brightness
  • Up to 128GB microSD card support for local recording 

Key Differences

Here are some key differences between the Wyze and Eufy floodlight cameras.


Winner: Wyze Floodlight Cam

The Wyze Floodlight series is the winner in this category. It provides budget-friendly options, with the original version priced under $100, Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 at $53.99, and Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro at $149.99. 

Eufy Floodlight Cameras are comparatively more expensive, with the S330 at $299.99 and E340 at $219.99.


Winner: Eufy Floodlight Cam

Eufy Floodlight Cameras take the lead here. They offer more advanced features, such as dual cameras, 360-degree horizontal camera coverage, Wi-Fi 6 support, customizable color temperature in some models, and more onboard AI detection features.

While Wyze Floodlight Cameras provide reliable security, Eufy stands out for its enhanced functionalities.

Local Storage Capacity

Winner: Eufy Floodlight Cam

Eufy Floodlight Cameras support local storage with options for microSD cards up to 128GB or connection to HomeBase S380 for up to 16. 

Wyze Floodlight Cameras also support local storage, but Eufy offers more flexibility and capacity.

Key Similarities

The Floodlight Cameras share numerous similarities in various aspects. Here are some key areas where both cameras are alike.

For Outdoor Use

Both Wyze and Eufy floodlight cameras are made for outdoor use. They can easily handle tough weather conditions like rain and snow.

Good Video Quality

Both brands offer clear video recording. Wyze has 1080p HD to 2.5K video options, while Eufy offers 2K and 3K resolutions.

Camera Audio

Both cameras let you talk to people through your phone, which can help you speak to visitors or scare away intruders.

Wide View

Both Wyze and Eufy cameras cover a wide area. Wyze’s FOV angles range from 130 to 180 degrees, while Eufy’s horizontal panning floodlight cameras have 360-degree coverage.

Remember, even though they have similarities, there are differences like pricing and specific features. 

That’s why it’s essential to carefully consider what you need when choosing the Floodlight cameras you want.

Our Take: Wyze Floodlight Vs. Eufy

Select Wyze Floodlight Camera if you’re looking for

  • Affordability and Flexibility: Wyze offers budget-friendly options with customizable PIR and AI detection. It’s a cost-effective choice for those seeking reliable security with expandable features.
  • Extra Features with Cam Plus: Wyze’s Cam Plus subscription provides advanced AI detection features, making it suitable for users interested in spotting specific objects.
  • Options for Different Budgets: Wyze has various versions, including budget-friendly ones like Wyze Cam Floodlight v2, which caters to diverse budgets without compromising crucial security features.

Select Eufy Floodlight Camera if you’re looking for

Higher Resolution and Camera Capabilities: Eufy offers models with higher resolutions (2K and 3K), providing more apparent video footage. If top-notch video quality is a priority, Eufy is definitely for you.

  • 360-Degree Coverage and Pan-and-Tilt Functionality: Eufy Security Floodlight Cameras provide complete coverage with pan controls, eliminating blind spots. It’s ideal for people who want a comprehensive view and remote camera adjustments.
  • Advanced Features: With Eufy floodlight cameras, you can choose dual cameras with different zoom levels, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, and 360 horizontal coverage. If you want the most innovative floodlight to maximize your security’s versatility, go for Eufy.
  • Enhanced Local Storage and Privacy: Eufy prioritizes security and privacy with local storage, eliminating concerns about monthly fees. It’s a solid choice for those who value control over their data. While they do have a cloud storage subscription, it’s not required at all, and with an additional HomeBase S380, you can use up to 16TB of storage.

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