Do Ring Devices Work in Other Countries? (Outside the US)

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If you know anything about the smart-home industry, you’ve heard about Ring devices. As one of the most notable names in the smart home industry, Ring is a tested and trusted brand in the American smart home market. 

But what if you’re not in the United States? Do Ring devices still work fine in other countries? This article will answer all your questions about Ring Devices and their performance and reliability in countries outside the United States. 

Does ring work in other countries?

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Does Ring Doorbell Work Internationally?

Yes, Ring Doorbells work internationally.

Ring Doorbells aren’t just gadgets designed for folks in the U.S.; they’re globetrotters! 

As long as you’ve got a good Wi-Fi connection, these smart devices are ready to go to work, greeting your visitors and helping you keep tabs on what’s happening at your doorstep.

If you’ve got your eye on a Ring Doorbell and you’re not in the United States, don’t worry. These devices would provide the same reliability and premium features that users in the US continually enjoy.

So, if you’re considering getting a Ring Doorbell and wondering if it works internationally, the answer is a resounding yes. 

Pretty much wherever you may reside on the globe, these doorbells have got your back. 

Does Ring Camera Work Internationally?

Ring cameras, like Ring Doorbells, are another global masterpiece; wherever you may reside on this planet, these cameras would work just fine. Provided you have a great internet connection, you can use a Ring camera and enjoy the many features offered by this smart home company.

That said, while Ring cameras work internationally, this isn’t to say every company enjoys the same features or support services. 

Depending on the country in which you reside and the laws you have in place, some features or services enjoyed by users in the US may not be available in your country. 

Does Ring Alarm Work Internationally?

Like other Ring devices, Ring Alarms also work internationally. Get a Ring alarm into any country and connect it to a working Wi-Fi Network, and you should have little to no problems setting up and using the Alarm work. 

What Countries Does Ring Work In?

Practically, every Ring device works internationally, so no matter the country you live in, you shouldn’t have much of an issue using a Ring device if you can get your hands on one.

That said, the user experience might vary from country to country and region to region. If you live in any of the following countries outside the US, you should enjoy the very best of Ring:

1. United Kingdom (UK)

Ring devices operate faultlessly in the UK. 

From the Ring App, an integral part of the Ring ecosystem, to customer support, users in the UK can expect to get the best Ring has to offer. 

Whether you’re in bustling London, charming Edinburgh, or anywhere in between, Ring offers a comprehensive and reliable home security solution.

2. Canada

Canadian residents also stand to enjoy the full benefits of using Ring devices. 

From Ring Doorbells to Cameras and Alarms, users in Canada stand to enjoy Ring’s cutting-edge technology as well as customer support. The proximity of Canada to the US also adds to the benefit Canadian users stand to gain from using Ring. 

If there’s anything Ring users in the US enjoy, then chances are, you can enjoy it in Canada, too.

3. Australia

Ring devices have gained significant popularity in Australia in recent years, earning the trust of property holders across the continent. 

Ring Protect Plans in Australia and New Zealand

Whether you’re in the vibrant city of Sydney, the cultural hub of Melbourne, or any other corner of this vast land, you’d not only be able to use your Ring devices. 

Still, you would also gain access to support and professional help if needed.

4. Europe

Ring has spread its protective net far and wide, covering various European countries. From the United Kingdom to Belgium, various European countries enjoy Ring’s complete support.

5. Asia

Ring has established an enduring, although limited, presence in Asia. Although Ring devices can still work in practically every Asian country, these devices aren’t as available in these countries as in many others. 

Of all the Asian countries, Japan enjoys the most Ring support. 

Ring Protect Plans Page for Japan

6. Middle East

The Middle East, just like Asia, enjoys limited Ring support. While you can get Ring products delivered to you in whatever Middle Eastern country you reside in, support in most of these countries might be limited. 

If you reside in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, however, you’d enjoy the best Ring has to offer in the Region.

Pricing of Ring Products for UAE

7. Africa

Ring’s global network also spreads as far as Africa, with South Africa being the company’s stronghold in the region. Other countries on the continent, including Nigeria, can also get access to Ring devices, though with limited customer support. 

8. South America

Various countries in South America, like Chile, Brazil, and Argentina, enjoy a significant degree of Ring support. Inhabitants of these countries can harness the benefits of Ring’s cutting-edge security technology, easily gain access to their devices, and enjoy professional support if the need ever arises.

While Ring is an internationally known brand with devices capable of working in practically every country, there are a few countries where the services offered by the company may be limited for a few reasons.

  1. North Korea: North Korea’s strict government policies and limited internet access make it challenging for Ring’s services to operate effectively in this region. 
  2. Cuba: Cuba’s government-controlled internet infrastructure and limited internet connectivity would greatly hinder the functionality of Ring devices. 
  3. Iran: Iran’s internet restrictions and censorship policies can impact the usability of Ring devices. 
  4. Syria: Ongoing conflicts in Syria have interrupted internet access and infrastructure. This instability can affect the availability and reliability of Ring services in the region.
  5. Sudan: Sudan has experienced political unrest and internet disruptions, which may affect the functionality of Ring devices. 
  6. Turkmenistan: Turkmenistan has limited internet access and strict government controls over online activities. 
  7. Venezuela: Venezuela has faced economic and political crises, which may impact the availability and functionality of Ring services due to internet instability and infrastructure issues. 

A table indicating the compatibility of Ring devices and the Ring App in various countries and continents is shown below:

Country/ContinentRing DoorbellRing CameraRing AlarmRing App
Africa  YesYesYesYes
Brazil YesYesYesYes
Europe YesYesYesYes
China LimitedLimitedLimitedYes
Colombia YesYesYesYes
Costa Rica   YesYesYesYes
Cuba NoNoNoLimited
Dominican Republic YesYesYesYes
El SalvadorYesYesYesYes
Puerto RicoYesYesYesYes
South AfricaYesYesYesYes
Trinidad and TobagoYesYesYesYes


  • Limited indicates that there may be restrictions or limitations on using Ring devices or the Ring App in specific regions within the country.
  • Cuba is listed as “No” for all categories as Ring devices, and the Ring App may not be functional due to government-controlled internet infrastructure and restrictions.


As a company, Ring has grown into an international sensation, with all its devices finding use in practically every corner of the world. From the many metropolitan cities of the UK and Europe to the developing countries in Africa, Ring is a trusted smart home security name worldwide. 

All you need to use a Ring device anywhere worldwide is a good Wi-Fi connection and the Ring App on your phone. That said, users in regions with poor or restricted internet connections might have issues using Ring devices, even though the devices can technically work there.

There is also the issue of product availability to consider. While Ring devices may function in practically any country in the world, getting your hands on a Ring device might take a lot of work in some countries. 

Thankfully, international stores like Amazon might help users in these regions get their hands on these devices.

So there you have it. Suppose you’re considering getting a Ring device and live outside the US. 

In that case, you can rest assured that whatever Ring Device you lay your hands on will function properly, provided you have an internet connection and a smartphone to connect your device to the Ring app. 

In fact, the most challenging thing you might experience when trying to get a Ring device in another country may be just buying the device.

Just make sure you consider the laws in whatever region you stay in before purchasing and using Ring devices. While these devices may work in your country, there might be laws in place that affect the use of these devices. Keep this in mind before purchasing a Ring device in your region.

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