23 Ring Doorbell Common Questions (Explained & Solved)

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Having trouble with your Ring doorbell? Below are 23 of the most common questions that probably keep you up at night (and answers to them).

Keep reading to find out more.

Ring Doorbell Questions

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1. What Gauge Wire for Ring Doorbell?

The best type of wire for Ring Video Doorbells is an 18-gauge wire. 

18-gauge wire is just the right size and doesn’t complicate the wiring. To check if your wire is 18-gauge, compare it to a standard metal thumbtack—both should be about the same width.

18-gauge wire thickness comparison for Ring Doorbell

You can also use a 16-gauge wire if you don’t have an 18-gauge wire. 

It’s not the perfect choice, but it works fine and won’t cause any problems with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. To see if your wire is a 16-gauge wire, check if it covers the ridges on the screw at the back of your Pro unit.

Another option is a 20-gauge wire. It’s not ideal, but it’ll do the job without any issues. 

To tell if your wire is 20-gauge, see if it’s about the same size as the slots in the terminal screws on the back of the Pro.

Remember not to use thick wires like 12 or 14-gauge—they’re too big for the Ring Video Doorbell. 

Also, don’t go too thin with 22 or 24-gauge wires—they can’t provide enough power for the job. 

Stick with 18, 16, or 20-gauge for the best results.

2. Will Facebook Portal Work With Ring Doorbell?

Yes, Facebook Portal will work together with Ring Doorbell.

How? Well, even though Facebook made the Portal, it works well with Amazon’s Alexa devices. Hence, it can work with your Ring Doorbell.

Think of it this way: Imagine your Portal is like a phone that understands Alexa’s language. Because your Ring Doorbell speaks Alexa, too, it can have a friendly chat with the Portal. 

They connect just like any other Amazon device with Alexa. It’s like introducing two friends who speak the same language, even if they’re from different neighborhoods!

Here’s how to make your Facebook Portal work with your Ring Doorbell:

  1. Link your Facebook Portal to your Amazon account in the settings.
  2. Use the Echo app to turn on the Ring skill on your Portal and give it permission.
  3. Look for your Ring Doorbell after enabling the Ring skill.
  4. Once found, hit the “Set Up Device” option at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Then, click “Done.”

Now, your Ring Doorbell and Facebook Portal are connected! You can ask Alexa to check your front door anytime you want.

3. What Is a Good RSSI for Ring Doorbell?

An RSSI closer to 0 means a strong signal, while closer to -100 means a weak one.

Think of RSSI like a signal bar on your phone. The higher the number (above -50), the better the signal. Your device gets a good signal if it’s above -60 (0 to -60, which usually shows as green). 

If it’s between -61 and -70, the signal is weak and shows an amber color on the app. However, anything from -71 to -100 means the signal is very poor and is indicated with a red color. 

If the color is green, your signal is good, and you’re good to go.

Ring RSSI network signal strength

But having a good signal doesn’t guarantee a perfect connection. Other things, like software updates, server issues, or problems with the Ring app, can still cause trouble even with a strong signal.

Remember that the RSSI number can change because of heavy internet use or signal interference.

Aim for an RSSI between -30 dBm and -60 dBm for a solid signal. 

If it’s around -40 dBm, that’s even better. Just like your phone bars, more bars mean a stronger signal!

4. Do Ring Doorbell Support RTSP?

Regrettably, Ring doesn’t currently work with RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol), and there’s no word about any other means of streaming. 

Currently, there’s been no news about Ring adding RTSP support, and it’s not something they offer for Ring devices.

5. Can I Ring My Ring Doorbell From My Phone?

Unfortunately, you can’t ring the doorbell remotely, but if you have a Ring Chime, you can make it sound using the app.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the menu icon.
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Choose the doorbell you want to connect to a chime.
  5. Tap Device Settings.
  6. Then, tap In-home Chime Settings.
  7. Now, go to Advanced Settings.
  8. Pick the type of chime you have.
  9. Hit Continue.
  10. Wait a bit for it to update, then press the button to test the chime.
  11. Tap “Ring my in-home chime.”

If it doesn’t ring, wait a little longer. And if you chose the wrong chime type, you can always go back to Chime Settings and pick a different one.

6. Does Ring Doorbell Only Record When Pressed?

Your Ring doorbell doesn’t just record when someone presses the button.

With a Ring Protect plan (even with a free trial), a Ring Doorbell records when it detects motion, when someone presses the doorbell button, or when you start a live video stream using the app. 

7. Does Ring Doorbell Have SD Card

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t have a slot for memory cards to store your videos

To manage your videos, you’ll need a subscription to “Ring Protect.” Fortunately, there are two options available:

  1. Ring Protect Basic: This plan costs $3 per month or $30 per year and covers one Ring device. If you only have the doorbell, this plan is recommended.
  2. Ring Protect Plus: On the other hand, this plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year and covers all your Ring devices. If you have multiple Ring devices, this plan is for you. There’s no limit to the number of devices you can have on this plan.

8. Can You Have 2 Owners on Ring Doorbell?

You can’t have more than one owner on a Ring account, but you can add others as Shared Users.

Owners can do this through the Ring App. They just need the person’s Ring email address. The invited person will get an email with an invitation link. 

They can use their Ring email to log in through the invitation link, and this way, the owner keeps complete control without sharing their login.

Owners with multiple Ring devices can manage who has access to each device. They can also remove access at any time.

To add someone as a Shared User:

  1. Go to Device Settings in your Ring App for one of your devices.
  2. Look for Shared Users.
  3. Tap Add User (the “+” sign).
  4. Enter the person’s email.
  5. Choose which devices to share.
  6. Send the invite.

9. Which Ring Doorbell Has Removable Battery?

The Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, and the Peephole Cam all have removable batteries. But the first and second generations have built-in batteries that users can’t remove.

10. Does Ring Doorbell Need a Battery if Hardwired?

Definitely! Even if your doorbell is hardwired, you must keep its rechargeable battery inside as a backup.

If your Ring Video Doorbell is hardwired to an existing doorbell, it stays charged with regular use. But if it’s not hardwired, you’ll need to recharge the battery now and then. 

That said, this means that, for your device to function, you still need to have a battery in your Ring Doorbell, even if it is hardwired.

11. Will Ring Doorbell Work in a Porch?

Yes, you can use it on a porch

You can install it almost anywhere, like driveway gates, footpath entrances, side gates, external doors, and even garage doors.

12. Can I Ring My Ring Doorbell Remotely?

As previously stated, unfortunately, you can’t ring your Ring Doorbell remotely. 

You can, however, make it work with a chime. (Check question 5 for the steps to set up a Ring Chime.)

13. Does Ring Doorbell Work in Cold Weather?

Yes, your Doorbell will still work in cold weather, with some drawbacks.

Frigid weather isn’t good for the lithium-ion batteries in Ring devices. When it gets cold, these batteries struggle to hold their charge. 

If it gets icy cold, they might stop working altogether. So, in certain cold temperatures, your Ring device’s batteries might run out faster than usual and need more frequent recharging.

14. Can a Landlord Have a Ring Doorbell?

Yes, a landlord can have a Ring Doorbell. However, several things must be considered before installing one in a rental property.

The landlord should put this info in the lease so the tenant knows about it. If the tenant agrees, they can sign it.

A properly signed lease ensures the landlord has the tenant’s okay before setting up the Ring Doorbell. The tenant pays the electric bill for it so that information is essential.

The landlord should use the Ring Doorbell responsibly and not spy on the tenant’s private areas. Landlords should respect tenant privacy with security cameras.

But a tenant can install a Ring Doorbell how they want, as long as it doesn’t invade other tenants’ privacy.

15. Does Ring Doorbell Work With Spectrum Network?

Absolutely! Your Ring Doorbell works well with the Spectrum network if your Wi-Fi is connected and functioning correctly. 

You only need your Ring Doorbell, a Spectrum router, and the Ring app to get on the Spectrum network.

While the Spectrum network may not be available in all areas, you can contact the support team to confirm if it’s supported in your location. 

However, the Spectrum network will typically work with your Ring Doorbell if you’re in a location where the network is available.

16. Is Ring Doorbell Compatible With Existing Chime?

Most Ring doorbells are compatible with most existing chimes, although there’s a clause. 

For the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, you’d have to bypass your existing chime when hardwiring the device. 

For the other Ring Doorbells, however, they can be connected to your existing chimes if they meet the proper AC requirements. 

The chimes on your doorbell system should be connected to a power source through an AC adapter that provides a voltage between 16 and 24 volts (VAC) for Pro and Elite Doorbells and 8 to 24 VAC for other Ring Doorbells. 

If the voltage is outside this range, it could harm your doorbell and put you at risk of electrical shock. 

So, ensuring that the voltage supplied to your doorbell chimes falls within the specified range for safe and proper operation is essential.

If your AC adapter provides the proper voltage, you can wire your Ring doorbell to the existing chime. 

To hardwire your Ring Doorbell to an existing chime, we recommend that you employ the services of a professional electrician. 

Especially so when working with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Pro 2, since they require a more advanced installation process.

17. Is Ring Doorbell Compatible With Nutone Chime?

Yes, Ring Doorbells are compatible with NuTone chimes. But not all Ring Doorbells are compatible with all NuTone chimes, however. 

With various Ring Doorbell models having various levels of compatibility with the multiple models of NuTone chimes, your best bet to find whether your particular Ring Doorbell is compatible with a model of NuTone chime is to check Ring’s compatibility list for the specific doorbell in question.

18. What Is a “Missed Ring” on Ring Doorbell and Does It Matter?

When a visitor presses your doorbell, you receive a notification to use the live view and see who is at the door. 

However, if you are unavailable to receive the notification or if your mobile device doesn’t display the notification promptly, you may miss the ring. This is what is referred to as a “missed ring.”

You can avoid missing the ring by enabling an urgent ring/emergency alert feature. An emergency alert is a Ring alarm feature that immediately lets you receive Ring notifications. 

To turn on this feature, 

  • Open your Ring app menu, 
  • Tap on Settings,
  • Tap Alarm Alerts,
  • Find and tap on the PUSH tab on the right side of the screen. 
  • On the next screen, find Emergency Alerts and turn it ON. 

You can also set this feature to send urgent notifications even when your phone is in Do Not Disturb or DND mode. 

To do this, click the Mobile Do Not Disturb Setting at the top of the screen after you click the PUSH tab, which should take you to the Ring app critical alert setting feature on your phone.

From there, you can change your device’s settings for the app to override your device’s Do Not Disturb settings. 

Another way to fix a Missed Ring issue is to share access to your Ring Doorbell with your family or housemates. This way, anyone can view who rang the ring doorbell and answer the person. So even if you miss the ring, others most likely wouldn’t.

19. How To Change Power Source on Ring Doorbell?

Changing the power source on your Ring Doorbell is quite simple; there are three ways to do it:

  • One option is to hardwire the Ring Doorbell to an existing doorbell system. Hardwiring the doorbell can help provide a trickle charge that keeps even battery-powered Ring Doorbells constantly charged.

However, this can be tricky, as you must ensure that the transformer of the existing system is rated at 24 VAC and a maximum of 40 VAC. Alternatively, you can use a Ring Plug-In Adapter.

  • Another method to change your power source is to remove the batteries and replace them with new ones.
  • Lastly, you can use the Ring app to change your power source. Simply go to the ‘Devices’ section in the app, click on ‘Power Source,’ and select the power source you want to change it to.

However, this is usually optional (if at all) if you just attach external power to your Ring Doorbell. After connecting the power source, give it time to receive the trickle charge, and it’ll be detected automatically.

Please note: Check the Ring website to verify the compatibility of your Ring Doorbell with the chosen power source.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your device’s firmware is up to date before changing the power source, as glitchy firmware could cause issues when hardwiring the device. 

20. Can I Mount the Ring Doorbell on My Security Door?

Yes, of course, you can mount your Ring Doorbell on your security door; they are both means of securing your home. 

However, you have to ensure that your door is thick enough and smooth enough to support the mounting screws of the Ring Doorbell. 

The usual length of the provided mounting screws is 1 inch, although depending on the surface you’re mounting it to, it can be a bit longer.

It’s also important to note that many security doors are made of metal or have metal parts, which could cause interference and sometimes block Wi-Fi signals. 

Using a Ring Doorbell on such a door could cause some interference, so you might want to learn about that before you start.

21. Can I Mount the Ring Doorbell on My Metal Door?

Yes, you can mount your ring doorbell on your metal door as long as your metal door has a smooth surface. 

Remember, since metals can interfere with Wi-Fi connections, a metal door might affect how easily your Doorbell connects to Wi-Fi and might even block it altogether. 

Before purchasing a Ring Doorbell for a metal door, we recommend that you get in touch with Ring support for more information. 

22. Why Is My Ring Doorbell Deactivated on Its Own?

In many cases, the Wi-Fi is often the culprit behind why your Ring Doorbell was deactivated on its own. That being said, this is only sometimes the case.

Other possible causes include faulty internet service in the area, loose wires, power source issues, and the Ring Doorbell being out of the Wi-Fi router’s effective connection range.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow the steps below:

  • Check that your internet connection is active and that your Wi-Fi is connected. If it’s not, verify that you have the correct Wi-Fi password.
  • Ensure your router is not too far from the Ring Doorbell for a stable connection.
  • Inspect the wires to ensure they are intact and properly connected.
  • Check the battery power level of your Ring Doorbell.
  • If you continue to experience issues, contact the support team for assistance.

Once you identify the cause of the deactivation and have troubleshooted it, you can navigate to the ‘Device Settings’ in the Ring app and reactivate the device.

Note: There’s another type of deactivation that can happen for seemingly no reason at all. Or at least, there’s no reason that’s currently known by the entire Ring community. 

That’s when the device gets completely deactivated along with an accompanying email from Ring.

Ring device has been deactivated email

While this doesn’t happen frequently, it’s still common enough to be a thing amongst a few Ring users, so it’s worth mentioning.

Some of the symptoms users have experienced when this happens include:

  • Disconnection from Wi-Fi
  • Drained battery
  • Completely deactivated device with email confirmation

If you ever observe this issue with your Ring Doorbell, we recommend contacting Ring support immediately for professional help. 

23. Can I Connect My Ring Doorbell to My Ring Alarm Base Station?

Yes, you can link your Ring Doorbell to your Ring Alarm Base Station. Linking offers many benefits, including access to features like Live View and an increased connectivity range for your doorbell.

  • Simply tap “Menu” in the Ring app, 
  • Then go to “Devices,” select “Alarm Base Station,” 
  • Select “Base Station” and voila! You will be connected.


So there you have it: the 23 most common questions you’ll likely have about your Ring doorbells and answers to them. Need more help with your Ring doorbell issues? Check out our other posts on common Ring doorbell problems explained and solved. 

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