Which Arlo Camera Do I Have? (17 Models With Pictures)

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Founded in 2014, Arlo has spent the last ten years producing a wide range of products for home security. 

Their camera range alone includes over a dozen different products, making buying, selling, troubleshooting, and more a very overwhelming process!

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most common models of Arlo Security Cameras to assist you in identifying your model.

Which Arlo Camera Do I Have?

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How to Identify What Arlo Camera Model I Have?

If you already have your device set up and operational, there’s an easy way to check which model you own. 

In the Arlo smartphone application, enter Settings and then Support, which should include a list of all the devices linked to your account.

Under each device, there will be both a Product Number and a Serial Number. 

With the Product Number, you can use the Arlo website or Google to match it with the corresponding model.

Another option is to open the camera up and look for the VMC number inside the device. These are usually near or behind the battery.

If neither of these work, we can do it the old-fashioned way. Look at the models below and see if you can match yours with the ones we have listed!

Which Arlo Camera Do I Have?

1. Arlo Wire-Free Camera

The original Arlo Wire-Free Camera was one of the first products launched by Arlo when they entered the security hardware market. 

The product has now officially reached its “End Of Life”, but it served well in paving the way for the product suite which followed.

It’s perhaps the easiest to determine all the models in this article visually, as it shows Netgear along the side of the camera, as opposed to Arlo, which is standard in the newer models. 

After launching an IPO in 2018, Arlo became independent of Netgear for branding purposes.

The device was very basic as far as features went, but the main drawcard was the wireless factor. 

At the time, this wasn’t necessarily a given, hence the reference in the product name, but Arlo now features a nearly entirely wireless product suite.

Given the End Of Life status, lack of warranty, and further software and firmware updates, this is an example of a scenario in which we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer model.

A photo of the original Arlo Wire-Free Camera is below:

Arlo wire-free netgear

2. Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra is the first in the Ultra line, offering extremely high-end video capabilities. 

The Ultra line is the high-end product line for Arlo due to offering 4K video resolution: currently the highest available for their cameras.

In addition to the highest available video quality, the Ultra offers a 180-degree field of view, allowing the camera to see more than other models in the Arlo product suite.

A photo of the original Arlo Ultra is below:

Arlo ultra camera

3. Arlo Ultra 2

Looking to build on the success of the original Ultra, Arlo updated their high-end product with the Ultra 2 in late 2020. 

As is often the case with model upgrades in the home security game, the next generation didn’t add significant new features or functionality. 

Instead, it offered a more refined and polished version of the original Ultra.

With 12x zoom, the Ultra 2 offers the ability to document and capture details with ease. The new model adds support for 5GHz WiFi to improve connectivity while also adding integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The Ultra 2 is pictured below. 

Note it looks similar to the original Ultra, so it may be worth checking our section above with some tips for identifying model types.

Arlo Ultra 2

4. Arlo Ultra 2 XL

If you’re chasing added features and functionality, the XL version of the Ultra is the device for you.

The XL gets its name from its enormous battery, with Arlo boasting a 365-day battery life. 

In addition to this, the cameras have a built-in spotlight and alarm system.

The features don’t end there, with two-way communication possible with both a microphone and speaker. 

Additionally, color video is possible even on dark nights, thanks to Color Night Vision.

You can see the device here:

Arlo Ultra 2 XL

5. Arlo Pro Camera

If the purpose of the Ultra was to offer the highest-end model available for Arlo products, think of the Pro as a mid-level alternative.

Still offering a ton of features included in the Ultra suite, the original Arlo Pro 1 provides integration with Amazon Alexa, an in-built alarm siren, night vision capabilities, and more.

Arlo would go on to expand the Pro model, as you will see further in the article, but the Pro 1 is shown below:

The egg shaped Arlo Pro

6. Arlo Pro 2

With the first Pro 1 initially launching in 2017, Arlo didn’t take long to build on this model.

The Pro 2 was released in 2018 and increased the quality of the camera, providing sharper images and video.

Among other improvements were those to the weatherproofing of the technology, as well as the capacity of the wireless battery.

The Pro 2, which has a similar shape to the first Arlo Pro, is shown in the image below:

Arlo Pro 2

7. Arlo Pro 3

In late 2019, Arlo introduced the third model in their Pro product suite.

Again, while notable, Arlo didn’t ‘reinvent the wheel’ with their feature increases.

Headlining these improvements were the usual suspects in improved video quality and battery performance, but there was little incentive for existing Pro 2 owners to upgrade to a Pro 3.

See an image of the Pro 3 below. Note its updated shape with a flatter front face:

8. Arlo Pro 4

At this stage, Arlo was in a yearly release cycle for the Arlo Pro range, and they released the Pro 4 towards the end of 2020.

Similar features exist to the previous iterations, but users have noted improved quality in the color of the night vision, with the camera able to detect colors at night with impressive ability.

One thing to note is that the Arlo business model has shifted towards incentivizing (and in some cases making you outright dependent on) their subscription service. 

With no storage in the device itself, a lot of the video recording is done via the cloud, making the subscription service essential.

It’s always important, therefore, to consider that the price of the hardware is often not the final price as far as the home security setup is concerned.

Note that this is the same with almost all brands and is not unique to Arlo.

See a photo of the Arlo Pro 4 below:

Arlo Pro 4 with new Arlo logo

It looks similar to the previous generation, except yours may have the newer, thicker Arlo logo font on the side.

9. Arlo Pro 4 XL

The Arlo Pro 4 XL was perhaps the most innovative move in the Pro line that Arlo had made to date.

In a similar fashion to the Arlo Ultra product suite we outlined above, the XL brings a similar level of upgrade to the non-XL model. 

With a massive battery life that boasts the capability to last an “entire winter on one charge”, the XL is a significantly more robust piece of equipment.

With a wider field of view than the predecessors and a built-in siren to deter intruders, the Pro 4 XL harbors almost all the features of the Ultra whilst still staying in the mid-range of devices.

See a photo of the Pro 4 XL below:

As you can see, its extended battery differentiates it from the other models in the Pro line.

10. Arlo Pro 5

The most recent addition to the Arlo Pro product line is the Arlo Pro 5. 

First released in early 2023, the Pro 5 again makes incremental improvements.

With even better night vision capabilities and a longer battery life, the Pro 5 is the most complete edition of the Pro models yet.

As in the case of many of these incremental upgrades, the changes are rarely enough to upgrade from one year to the next, but first-time owners or long-time owners will often be encouraged to buy the latest and greatest. 

In this case, as far as mid-level products go, that is the Arlo Pro 5.

See the Pro 5 below:

Arlo Pro 5

11. Arlo Essential

We’ve covered the Ultra as the “high-end” model and the Pro as the “mid-range” model. Now it’s time to focus on the Essential.

The Essential is branded as being affordable and is the entry-level product in their home security suite.

Still offering full HD video recording and remote access via streaming, as well as a spotlight to illuminate the target area, this is often a great starting point for those looking for a home security device.

See the base model of Essential below:

Again, it’s pretty similar in design to the Pro models, albeit with a much lower placement of the speaker slit on its front. Note how the base Essential camera doesn’t have a spotlight.

12. Arlo Essential XL

Much like the Ultra and the Pro, the Essential comes with an XL version of its own.

With 4x the battery life of the standard XL, Arlo gives buyers the choice of HD or 2K, depending on their video quality needs.

With the beefed-up battery and a spotlight, this is a notable step up from the Essential without being a step up in budget.

See the Essential XL below:

Arlo Essential XL

13. Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

This product is quite different from the others in the Arlo range. 

Whereas the typical Arlo home security product is for outside the house and ensuring unwanted visitors stay away, the indoor camera serves a different purpose.

Perfect for protecting rooms in a house, and perhaps those with houseshare situations, the indoor camera does exactly what it says in the name. 

The product is reasonably priced and ensures you don’t need to purchase an entire network of devices to protect one room.

See the Essential Indoor Camera below:

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

14. Arlo Go 2

The Arlo Go serves as a solution for those not in a permanent network. 

You can identify the Arlo Go through its banana-shaped spotlight just above the camera.

In other words, as the name suggests, it is perfect for those “On the Go!” 

The Go doesn’t require power or a Wi-Fi connection and uses a wireless battery and a 4G connection to provide the same utility as other cameras in the Arlo range.

Arlo advises this is perfect for those with holiday houses, campervans, construction sites, and more!

See the Go 2 below:

Arlo Go 2 spotlight

15. Arlo Q

Like the Arlo Essential Indoor, the Arlo Q is designed to be used at home and inside.

An excellent use for this product would be to keep an eye on loved ones and valuables within your home.

Users can speak back through the camera using the microphone in their phone and enjoy smart home integration with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

See the Arlo Q below:

Arlo Q

16. Arlo Q+

Whilst the base Q model targets residential customers, the Q+ model focuses on businesses.

With two-way audio and PoE connectivity, among many other higher-end features, this product is perfect for those looking to protect their office or workplace.

With recordings stored for an extended period, the Q Plus should be able to prevent any workplace incidents and is, therefore, a strong consideration for managers and business owners.

See the Q+ below:

Arlo Q+ Q Plus Ethernet socket

The main differentiator here from the Arlo Q is the ethernet socket.

17. Arlo Baby

The final product we will discuss is perhaps the most specific purpose-built product in the Arlo range.

The Arlo Baby is a baby monitor with some creative features to put it ahead of the competition.

The device itself is shaped to be non-threatening or fear-inducing to children, and as a result, it is likely the easiest to identify in this entire article.

The device has temperature and air sensors, a night light for comfort, and even the capability to play a lullaby as the baby falls asleep.

See an example of the Arlo Baby below:

Arlo Baby


There are a few important takeaways that we hope you will get from this article.

First, it’s critical to remember the necessity of a subscription for many of these products. 

As we mentioned earlier, this is not exclusive to Arlo. In fact, it’s pretty common across all security product manufacturers. 

Still, it’s important to note that the expenses don’t end when you leave the store.

The second most important takeaway from this article is that year on year, model changes are incremental at best. 

It wouldn’t be our recommendation to upgrade each and every model, mainly as Arlo usually releases them on an annual release cycle. 

Instead, existing owners should wait a few years to upgrade instead of regularly upgrading. Newer owners should take comfort in purchasing the most recent model due to the most up-to-date features and warranty inclusions.

In conclusion, the Arlo Camera suite provides something for everyone, including ranges in features, technology, and budget. 

If there is a security need that you need met, we believe Arlo can meet it at some point in their suite of products.

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