Arlo Camera Problems: 22 Common Issues (Solved)

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Is your Arlo camera giving you problems? Good news! You will be able to solve most of the issues quickly. Thankfully, this article is here to help!

Below are 22 of the most common questions you might have about, and issues you might have with, Arlo cameras and how to answer/solve them. 

arlo security camera problems

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1. Can Arlo Cameras Be Hard-Wired?

No, You can’t hardwire your Arlo cameras. 

Most Arlo cameras, like the Arlo Go and the Arlo Ultra 2, are wireless devices and don’t need any wiring to work. 

Even wired cameras like the Arlo Indoor Security Camera don’t require hardwiring; they come with a power adapter. All you must do is plug them into an electrical socket, so no hard wiring is required.

Pro Tip: A few Arlo cameras (like the Arlo Pro 4) have flexible power options. This allows you to choose between using these cameras wirelessly or going wired and keeping the cameras plugged in. It is important to note that this is different from hardwiring. 

If you choose to wire such a camera, no hardwiring is required; all you need to do is plug the camera into a wall socket with the accurate adaptor or transformer, and you are good to go. 

2. How Do I Hard-Wire My Arlo Camera?

Arlo cameras aren’t designed for hardwiring

They are either wired devices you can plug right into an electrical outlet (no hard wiring needed) or wireless devices that require no wiring to function. 

3. How Long Does Arlo Pro 4 Battery Last?

While the battery life of your Arlo Pro 4 depends on various factors, the batteries on these cameras typically last between 3-6 months when used wire-free. The batteries would last even longer if you choose to go wired.

If you need to recharge your battery, you can use the Arlo Dual Charging Station.

Click on the image to check today’s price.

If you notice that your battery drains fast and you want to proceed to a replacement, you can check it here.

Click on the image to check today’s price.

4. Why My Arlo Shared Devices Not Showing Up?

Arlo allows users to share their devices with friends and family members. 

By sharing your Arlo device, you grant access to whoever you share it with, and that person should easily be able to access it.

If you have shared your Arlo device, but the friend still can’t see the shared devices, the first thing to do is make sure the friend has an Arlo account and has logged into the Arlo App.

Once you confirm this, the next step is to ensure that the person you are granting access to is on the same “app experience” as you

The Arlo app offers two app experiences;

  • The old UI, which is called “Library”, and
  • The new UI, which is called “Feed”.

When sharing devices with other users, you’d want to ensure you and the other user use the same app experience. 

If you are on the old UI, the user you are sharing with must also be on the old UI. If you are on the new UI, the user should also be on the new one. 

5. Arlo Friend Access Not Working

If you are trying to grant a friend access to your Arlo camera but can’t seem to do so, the issue is that the user you’re trying to give access to doesn’t own an Arlo account. 

An Arlo account is required to use Arlo devices, so you cannot grant them access if the friend doesn’t have an account.

When the friend gets their Arlo account, you should be able to grant them access.

6. Arlo Camera Flashing Blue and Orange: What Does It Mean?

Blue and orange are two colors you’re likely to find your Arlo camera’s LED lights flashing. 

Arlo Camera Flashing Blue and Orange

What these flashing lights mean would depend significantly on the model of camera you use. Typically, though, here is what these colors mean:

  • A slow flashing blue light: The camera attempts to connect to a Wi-Fi network or sync a SmartHub or Base Station.
  • A fast flashing blue Light: The camera has successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network or synced with a SmartHub or Base Station.
  • A blinking orange light: An issue occurred with setting up your camera or connecting the camera to a network.
  • An alternating blue and orange light: The camera is undergoing a software update.

For model-specific information on the different LED behaviors of Arlo cameras, check out this article.

7. How to Restart Arlo Camera?

Restarting your Arlo camera is relatively simple. 

All you need to do is take out the batteries from your camera for a few seconds, reinstall them into the camera correctly, and wait for the camera to boot back up.

8. I Lost My Arlo Camera Key. Is There Any Hack to Unlock My Camera?

Some Arlo cameras come with a “key”. You must use this key when you want to remove your camera from its security mount to charge it. 

If you lost your camera’s key, removing the camera from the security mount can be an issue. 

Solution: Use a 2 mm hex wrench.

The key used for the security mount is a 2 mm hex wrench, so getting another tool to replace the misplaced one would do the job just fine.

However, if you cannot find a 2 mm hex wrench, some similarly shaped and similarly sized tool (like a Phillips screwdriver of the same size) can get the job done. 

9. Arlo Floodlight Not Recording

If you can’t find any video recordings from your Arlo Floodlight, check to ensure you are on a subscription.

You require an Arlo subscription to enjoy video recordings on your Arlo Floodlight (and many other Arlo cameras). 

Without the subscription, you’d only get a 7-day free cloud recording on most Arlo cameras, including the Arlo Floodlight.

If you are currently on a subscription and cannot see any recordings from your Arlo Floodlight camera, the camera may not be recording.

In such a case, check your Arlo app is up-to-date. If it isn’t, try updating the device. 

For more details, check our guide on how to record Arlo without a subscription.

If this doesn’t work, try restarting the camera by removing and reinstalling the batteries. 

Pro Tip: Take note of the temperature. 

During extreme temperatures, outdoor cameras like the floodlight camera may get too hot or too cold and malfunction. 

In cases like this, leave the batteries out of the camera and only reinstall them when the camera returns to a more normal temperature. 

10. My Arlo Camera Keeps Saying “Request Timed Out”

If you ever receive the error message “request timed out” after being automatically logged out of the Arlo app or while trying to log in, a few issues could be the cause. 

Arlo Camera Keeps Saying “Request Timed Out”

The first possibility is that your internet connection is having issues.

Check to ensure you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection and the internet is turned on for your Wi-Fi. 

Check your mobile device’s internet connection to ensure everything is working fine. Try turning off your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi and Logging into the Arlo app. If you can, the issue is with your Wi-Fi connection.

 If your Wi-Fi is functioning just fine, but still seeing this error message, the problem is with the Arlo server. You can do little to fix the problem in this case than wait.

11. Are Magnetic Mounts Safe for Outdoor Use?

While there are various types of magnetic mounts, each offering different levels of safety, magnetic mounts are generally typically safe for outdoor use.

The support should be safe if the magnetic mount you want is solidly built, properly installed, and made for outdoor use.

12. Can I Change Arlo Notification Sound on My iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the notification sound for your Arlo devices on iPhones. While this feature is available for Android users, it is unavailable for iOS users.

So, if you use your Arlo camera or doorbell with an iOS device, you can only receive notifications in the usual default iOS notification tone.

13. Arlo Pro 3 Not Recording

If an Arlo Pro 3 is not recording, check which of the following issues is wrong. Is the;

  • The camera is not recording live feeds
  • You can’t find video recordings in your Arlo app’s history
  • The camera is not recording in 2K

Depending on which of these issues is the matter, how you’d fix the problem would vary. 

If your Arlo Pro 3 isn’t recording live feeds, ensure your Arlo app is up to date. Also, ensure your Wi-Fi connection is vital, as a strong internet connection is needed to stream live feeds, especially at higher resolutions.

Pro Tip: Ensure to stream for at most 30 minutes at a time. Your Arlo app would automatically stop gushing at 30 minutes to avoid overworking the camera. 

If your camera stops streaming automatically because you have exceeded the 30-minute limit, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is press play, and you’ll resume streaming. 

We recommend you give your camera a little while to rest before resuming streaming after a 30-minute live stream. 

If you can’t find recordings in your Arlo Secure App’s history, check to see that you have an active subscription. 

Since you only gain access to cloud storage when you have an Arlo subscription, without one, you’d be unable to access video history over the internet. Get an Arlo subscription, and that should fix this issue.

If your Arlo Pro 3 cannot record in 2K, a few things could be the matter. 

The first possibility is that you need the correct Arlo subscription plan. You’d need an Arlo Secure or an Arlo Secure plan to enjoy 2K and 4K videos on the Pro 3. Without these subscriptions, you’d be unable to enjoy this feature.

Also, make sure the power management setting for your Pro 3 is on Best Video or Optimised. To do this, go to Settings in your Arlo app and tap Video Settings. From there, click on Power Management, and then select Best Video or Optimised.

If none make any difference, ensure you have high-speed internet bandwidth, as this is required to shoot videos in 2K. 

For best results, you’d need an upload speed of 4 Mbps or higher when shooting 2K videos, though your Pro 3 can still function with 2 Mbps. If your bandwidth is the issue, try disconnecting some devices from your Wi-Fi. This manipulation might help with the problem.

Finally, make sure your camera is not zoomed in. Arlo cameras cannot shoot in 2K or 4K when the device is zoomed in.

To check your zoom status, go to Video Settings on your Arlo Secure App and pinch your fingers together on the screen to ensure it isn’t zoomed. 

Also, ensure Auto Zoom & Tracking is turned off for your camera. If turned on, the camera won’t record in 2K or 4K.

To turn off Auto Zoom & Tracking, go to Video Settings in the Arlo app and toggle off the switch in front of Auto Zoom & Tracking. 

Pro Tip: Your Arlo Pro 3 cannot record in 4K as the device is limited to a maximum of 2K recording. If you want a security camera that can record in 4K, the best choice is to upgrade to the Arlo Ultra or Ultra 2. 

14. “AC Power Has Been Disconnected. Activity Zones Are Currently Disabled.” What Does It Mean?

If you ever receive this error message, it means your Arlo camera is no longer plugged into an electrical outlet, or there has been a power outage. As such, the activity zones feature of your camera is no longer functioning.

Arlo Camera "AC Power Has Been Disconnected. Activity Zones Are Currently Disabled"

If your camera is not plugged in, you cannot use activity zones on Arlo. 

So, if you ever receive this error message, get your Arlo camera plugged back in, and you should no longer see this error message.

15. What Is the WiFi Range on Arlo Pro 4?

The effective Wi-Fi range of the Arlo Pro 4 is around 300 feet or 90 meters

16. Where to Buy Arlo Pro 4 XL Skins?

Only a few skins are compatible with the Arlo Pro 4 XL. The only one I found for the time being is the one below.

Wasserstein Cover for Arlo Pro 4 XL

Click on the image to check today’s price.

17. Can I Use Arlo With ADT Hub?

Yes, you can link your Arlo cam with ADT Hub

You can put this link using home automation tools like Alexa, Google, or IFTTT. IFTTT is the best tool to use here.

18. How to See Arlo on Samsung Smart TV?

It is possible to view footage from your Arlo camera on your Samsung Smart TV. 

You can do it using an MHL cord to connect your phone to your TV. You can share your phone’s display with the larger Samsung Smart TV screen. 

Here is one that works with a USB-C Smartphone and can manage 4K videos.

USB C to HDMI Cable

Click on the image to check today’s price.

19. Arlo Camera Green Screen

Seeing a green screen while trying to livestream using an Arlo camera is often a sign of a corrupted video. 

It could result from a few issues, including connection issues with your camera or mobile device, a corrupted video due to lost data during the recording, or a firmware bug. 

To troubleshoot this issue, check that you have a strong internet connection on your device and with the camera. 

Next, ensure your camera correctly connects to your Base Station or SmartHub. You should disconnect the camera from the base and reconnect it to be sure.

If you are still experiencing this issue after all of this, the problem is software-related. In this case, the best thing you can do is contact Arlo support. 

20. Does SimpliSafe Work With Arlo?

Yes, Simplisafe works with Arlo, and you can integrate your Arlo camera with the Simplisafe system. 

However, to integrate your Arlo camera with SimpliSafe, you’d need an Arlo SmartHub.

To integrate your Arlo camera with SimpliSafe, you’d first need to add the camera you want to incorporate to your SmartHub. 

Next, link your SmartHub to your SimpliSafe security system using the SimpliSafe mobile app.

Once done, you can control your Arlo camera using the SimpliSafe app and make further integrations. 

21. How Do I Stop Recording Animals on Arlo?

If your Arlo camera keeps sending in notifications and making event recordings when the camera detects an animal, you can fix this by accessing your Arlo Smart Notification settings.

However, this is an advanced feature only available for users with a subscription, so you’d have first to have an Arlo subscription before you can stop recording animals on Arlo.

Once you have a subscription, you can stop receiving notifications for animals by turning off animal notifications in your Smart Notifications settings. 

22. How Do I Stop Recording Vehicles on Arlo?

To stop recording vehicles on your Arlo camera, you’d also need an Arlo subscription to access Smart Notifications. 

Once you have a subscription, go to your Smart Notifications settings and turn off vehicle notifications


Having issues with your Arlo camera isn’t something you’d experience regularly. When you experience them, however, chances are you’d be experiencing one of the issues mentioned above. The tips and suggestions above should give you all the information you need to get your Arlo camera back to working at its best.

If you try any of the solutions and tips suggested above and still can’t fix the problem, chances are the issue with your camera is a software issue or some hardware problem unique to your specific device. Don’t hesitate to contact Arlo support or get your camera to a professional if that ever happens. 

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